“A drive like never before”

Bishnu Prasad Kandel  

As someone who works in the structural sector, I purchased my first Isuzu S-cab in 2074 and have been thoroughly satisfied with it ever since. However, due to my frequent travels in hilly regions mostly, I decided to switch to Four-wheelers. Nevertheless, as I had been enjoying my previous Isuzu experience, I decided to upgrade to the Hi-Lander model. Compared to other vehicles, the Hi-Lander has an appealing appearance and a helpful load capacity. I have found the drive to be comfortable, and it is no different from other high-end vehicles. 

Isuzu has a brand value that I trust and feel safe driving their vehicles. The braking system has been particularly reliable, allowing me to reach speeds of up to 140 km/h and still feel secure thanks to the FR-Disc/Rr-Drum brakes. Given the nature of my work, a comfortable and safe drive is a priority, and the Isuzu Hi-Lander has been delivered on both fronts. Every turn I take is smooth, adding to the excitement of my journey. 

As someone who has enjoyed the Isuzu experience, I would recommend the brand to others looking for a reliable and thrilling driving experience.