“A Practical Vehicle for Business and Travel”

Isuzu Hi-Lander,

Mr. Mifung Fudong.

Isuzu Hi-lander

I love driving. I have always been into cars since I was a kid. When I got my driver’s license there was just no turning back. Four-wheelers have always been my first love, to be honest. Practicality plays a big role in my life, everything I own needs to serve a purpose. My dad was a big influence in that regard growing up – a strict army man with a set of codes and morals but a soft spot for the ones he holds dear. Duty, discipline and persistence are the words I would use to describe him.

We have a family estate in Itahari. I decided to take up the challenge of upgrading the area into a thriving farm. Driving down there from Kathmandu felt “just okay” in my family car, but I knew deep down that I needed a proper pickup truck. I researched online, read multiple reviews, visited many showrooms from various brands and decided that the Isuzu Hi-Lander was the perfect choice for this undertaking.

My Isuzu Hi-lander feels more like a partner than a pickup truck. Anything work related – big or small, I know it has my back. I travel a lot and in most cases, the trip can stretch for a while. The Isuzu Hi-Lander handles it like a breeze across the challenging terrain. It’s a well-built unit, at a reasonable price point and an all-rounder, if I say so myself. The Hi-lander’s engine power is in a class of its own. It has made it easier for me to navigate the extreme trails during the monsoon season. My Isuzu Hi-lander has been in service for less than two years and I have put it to good use. You can see me hauling essential supplies like feed, plants and rations to the farm on the regular. I’ve even put a few of my farm animals on the back of the pickup truck on our way to the vet since the road was not ideal. Apart from that, my family and I enjoy taking vacations and getting away from Kathmandu’s crowded streets.

We have had no problems on the road with the Isuzu Hi-lander. Thanks to the incredible features and handling, my family rides in safety and comfort. I find the Isuzu Hi-Lander to be the finest friend, and I am very much pleased with it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit more in their pickup trucks without spending too much.”