“A Vehicle for your business “

Brikha Lal Gurung 

As the chief and owner of Patedhhilo Gurung Family , I have been serving customers with fresh and hygienic food since 2056 B.S. As my business grew, I needed a reliable means of transportation to carry the ingredients and deliver fresh food to my customers. Having previously driven Japanese cars, I had developed a bond and faith towards them, which made it an obvious choice when it came to purchasing a vehicle for my business. Without any doubt, I chose ISUZU brand and purchased the ISUZU S-CAB, which has proven to be the perfect pickup for Nepalese roads and a convenient asset to my business over the past three years. The engine is impressive, and the price is reasonable, leaving me completely satisfied with its performance too. I have had no complaints or issues with the vehicle, as it helps me deliver fresh food to my customers on an everyday basis. 

As a result of its reliability and cost-effectiveness, I highly recommend the ISUZU brand to businesses similar to mine. It is an excellent choice for businesses that require dependable transportation to carry their goods. It has been an essential asset helping me and my business grow and succeed over the years.