“An Experience that Lasts Forever”

Tenzing Shakya 

The adventure since I purchased my S-Cab in 2019 has been incredible. My ISUZU S-Cab has been used for both business and adventure by me and my company, Green Bags Nepal. I have modified my S-Cab, and I also intend to get a Hi-lander. I enjoy going on new adventures and I travel frequently. I remember that my friend and I carried a bike on the S-cab and drove it to Mustang.We had no issues, and our trip was uninterrupted thanks to the S-Cab’s carrying capacity. It was a terrific drive.

I rely on my S-Cab for daily life and trust it with my loved ones. I primarily utilize it to deliver the product to the customer for my business. For both my personal and professional lives, it has been incredibly helpful, safe, and pleasant. 

In essence, my S-Cab has never let me down. Isuzu has the best engine and loading capacity in town, therefore as a customer, I have been promoting it to all of my friends. In order for customers to interact and support one another, I would also advise Isuzu as a business to create an ISUZU Community.