“Trustworthy and Capable Travel Partner”

Dikshant Pokhrel 

I have worked in the construction industry for numerous years, and I like traveling a lot and it is also an essential of my job. I’ve worked with many people on a variety of initiatives, including the creation of Sindhuli schools and VDCs while traveling for my construction business. Since I got my Isuzu in 2017, I’ve been traveling without any issues for more than 4 years. I also look into other pickup off-road vehicles’ prices and features. But because the Isuzu V-cross has the most powerful engine, I believe it to be the best in terms of both price and performance. My Isuzu V-cross doubles as a business vehicle and is a wonderful traveling companion. It can easily transport weights for building projects because of its deck loading capacity, which comes in handy in a variety of situations.  

Additionally, the 225mm of ground clearance and the engine’s power have enabled me to get over a lot of off-road obstacles. I always have a pleasant and safe ride to my destination. I recall taking my Isuzu V-cross down Sindhuli Marine Road confidently. The road at Sindhuli Marine was extremely terrible as well as challenging at the time, making it difficult for many commuters to travel, but the Isuzu V-cross had no problem and I had an easy time pulling it off. 

The excellent performance of my V-cross has made me recognize what a useful travel companion it has been on my business excursions. I cannot even begin to convey how grateful I am to have my Isuzu V-cross, as it has always been a trusty and capable travel partner.