“Wilderness Beyond Boundaries”

Aaharant Shrestha

I have been working in the medical field for approximately two years as an East West Concerns director. My business delivers healthcare technology throughout Nepal. I have been searching for a pickup truck. As my search got underway, I looked at a few other pickup trucks but it was not what I expected; nonetheless, I was pleased with the Isuzu’s engine and sturdiness. I eventually bought my first Isuzu D-Max Scab. When I first started working with S-Cab, I had a farmhouse in Nagarkot that needed to be renovate

d. Even though the route was filled with potholes at the time, my S-Cab assisted me in moving the renovation’s material. I also had to deliver a variety of healthcare technology to several locations, and it worked well. Although I enjoyed the S-Cabs performance, I yearned for an upgrade because it was a two-wheel drive.

After consulting with my father, I decided to trade in my Isuzu S-Cab for an Isuzu V-Cross. As my dad and I were both impressed with the engines and the build quality and desired an Isuzu upgrade. My life has enhanced since receiving my V-Cross; I now utilise it not just for professional objectives but also for adventures.

My V-Cross frequently travels from Kathmandu to Jhapa and Nagarkot for work, and I have personally taken adventures to Mustang, Nagarkot, Jhapa, Manag, and other locations nearby, in addition to numerous others that I have been wanting to take. I was not a particularly daring person before I got my Isuzu, but after I started travelling in my Isuzu V-cross, I discovered there were countless opportunities for adventure travel. My Isuzu has never let me down, I trust it and it has made my path exceedingly smooth.

I have had no problems with my V-Cross, but I have been keeping an eye out for an upgrade in the future, preferably an Isuzu. If you’re looking for an all-round pickup truck, definitely go for an Isuzu, I highly recommend it.